Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) was founded in the year 1992. We strongly believed that by pooling all the resources together, Malaysian chain retailers could harness the networking power to expand their business and facilitate the enhancement of chain stores management through education and training.


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At MRCA, we are constantly working towards creating value for our Members and one of the many ways is through our events & activities! These events and activities are curated to provide exclusive business networking platforms for MRCA members, industry players, government bodies and media. With the attendance of Ministers, high-profile successful entrepreneurs and many reputable and successful industry players, our Members and guests get the exclusive opportunities to “rub shoulders” and network with the VIPs. Along with the presence and sharing sessions from distinguished and respected guests, our Members get to gain better insight on improving productivity as well as strategies in enhancing their business operations, revenue and how to be the top in their industries.

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