MRCA President 2020 - 2022

Ms. Shirley Tay Bee Koo

Southeast Asia Corporate Director of
Sunrider International (M) Sdn Bhd

President's Message

I am honoured to be elected as the 8th President of MRCA. I hope to emulate and follow the footsteps of all my past predecessors who each has contributed enormously for the growth of MRCA both in terms of membership as well as becoming the de factor voice and leader for the industry.

Traditionally, the new President will unveil the tagline in the President’s message. I thought hard about it. In consultation with some of my key council members, we have decided on a relevant one which will reflect what we feel is the most appropriate one at this point in time.

"powered by YOU, WE serve better"

For the next two years, my board of council and I will focus on carrying out events, activities, collaborations which are beneficial to our esteemed members. I am humbled by our achievements and whats WE have today because of all of YOU.

Following the direction of our much-respected founder President Dato Eddie Choon, we will continue to provide a platform for all our members to get connected as a cohesive team for mutual benefits.

There are 6 objectives that we want to achieve in our term. They are:

  1. Networking and Liaison
    • To facilitate and enhance networking and liaison among members for business development and expansion. Provide a viable platform for members to get connected for mutual benefits.
  2. Elevate and Uplift Women Entrepreneurs
    • Assist female entrepreneurs in enhancing their business opportunities by providing the platform for exchanging business ideas. Working together and synergising growth in addition to giving more recognition to women in their role in business and other communities.
  3. Build Alliance for Members who are in the Food and Beverage Industry
    • Build a cohesive alliance for members in the Food and Beverage industry for the purposes of networking, cooperation and expansion.
  4. Educate, Share and Enhance Retail and Business Knowhow and Technology
    • Assist members to align their businesses to conform to new digital and online development and transformation to increase productivity and market competitiveness.
  5. Assist in Recoveries
    • Assisting companies where possible to recover from the scourge caused by the covid-19 pandemic by offering information and connectivity leading to better business integration.
  6. Set Up Pertinent Information Hub and Efficient Secretariat
    • Provide members with up-to-date and relevant information pertaining to retailing and related businesses including government’s directives. Provide efficient secretariat services to members.

Thus far, the MRCA has helped create long term relationships which have been priceless. The association consists of members with wealth of experience and knowledge. Let’s foster a closer professional tie as it will translate to viable opportunity businesswise not forgetting the invaluable friendships among us.

For our current members and perspective members, we want to assure you that we aim to grow MRCA to greater heights. I look forward to a productive presidency and invite each of you become involved in what we do.


Shirley Tay 
MRCA President 2020 – 2022