Training, Seminars & Talks

Training and seminars are conducted regularly for members’ staffs to enhance and improve their skills and knowledge. Among some of the training that we have conducted over the years are as follows:

  • Sales Performance Management
  • Relationship Building
  • Franchising and Licensing
  • Accounting & Taxation
  • Business Communications
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Merchandising

Members’ Meetings

Our members’ meetings are held regularly to provide members with updates on the latest developments in the retail industry as well as opportunities in networking and to socialize with other members and business partners.

Overseas Trade Mission and Business Trips

Overseas trade mission and business trips are organized to provide opportunities and exposures for our members to explore new business potentials abroad. By participating as visiting delegations, MRCA members will be able to promote and exchange business contacts and experiences. These trips form a part of MRCA’s long-term objectives to promote and explore business opportunities beyond the shores of Malaysia.

Events, Activities and Networking Sessions

MRCA is constantly organizing events and activities to provide networking and socializing platforms for our members. We also strive to provide further insights on improving productivity as well as strategies in enhancing business operations by inviting reputable and distinguished speakers. 

As a well-known association in Malaysia, our events are usually attended by distinguished guests from various industries such as retail, shopping malls, property development, banking and government bodies. We have held and organized events like the Malaysia International Retail & Franchise (MIRF) exhibition, CEO Night, Anniversary banquet, Chinese New Year celebration, Retail Conference, Council Installation Night and Media Appreciation night.

Industry Recognition

MRCA believes Malaysian businesses have all the elements to make world-class players. The annual anniversary and awards banquets are some of our major events that recognizes members who have epitomized the model of a successful retailer in terms of national and global growth.

MRCA recognizes outstanding members for their contributions and support towards the retail-chain industry. We are confident that these recognition awards will further motivate our members to continuously improve and innovate themselves to be top achievers in the industry.

Promotion & Marketing

In MRCA, we continuously strive to ensure all our members receive sufficient knowledge and skills. As members of MRCA, companies are given the opportunities to promote their products / services via the various platforms such as the Retailer magazine, weekly e-newsletter, Facebook page and website