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Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) was founded in year 1992. We strongly believed that by pooling all the resources together, Malaysian chain retailers could harness networking power to expand their business and facilitate the enhancement of chain stores management through education and training.

MRCA acts as an excellent avenue for retail businesses to network and exchange ideas, share resources and to promote the healthy expansion of the retail industry in Malaysia and abroad.

MRCA aims to create a highly supportive environment to build retail businesses and pool ideas, experiences and efforts to tap on various opportunities in Malaysia as well as abroad. Its vision is to be recognized as one of the most influential retail bodies in Malaysia, supporting the development and globalization of the retail industry.

Since it was established, MRCA has developed into a very strong organisation, comprising of more than 290 leading retail chain stores operators as well as franchisors and covering more than 20,000 outlets throughout Malaysia.

With such a vast network of retail outlets, these members help provide more than 100,000 job opportunities to Malaysians across the country, and the number is expected to continue to expand, judging from the bright potential of the retail industry.

The milestones and accolades awarded to many MRCA members are benchmarks of their deep and extensive involvement in their businesses as well as helping to shape the future of the retail industry in Malaysia. MRCA brings together the cream of the crop, as it’s members consist of well know retail chain brands from respective fields such as Poh Kong jewellerySecret Recipe food and beverage,Senheng Electrical, 7-Eleven convenience shops, OSIM healthy lifestyle products, Bonia leather goods, Focus Point eyewear, Nelson’s cornNaza MotorMarrybrown fast food, VOIR fashion, Petronas oil and gas industry, as well as Maxis and DiGi Malaysia in the telecommunications field and many more.

On top of these revered members, the MRCA has also benefited immensely from the constant support of members in various fields such asCIMB Bank from the banking industry, The Star, Sin Chew and Media Prima from the media industry. These members have provided unrelenting support in helping the growth of MRCA members.

MRCA members have also successfully expanded overseas in countries such as U.S.A., Australia, China beside the African, Middle East and ASEAN countries.

MRCA provides its members with the opportunity to capitalize on the collective experience and resources of Malaysia’s dynamic group of retail experts.

Monthly meetings and regular events provide members with development updates on the retail front as well as a good opportunity for members to socialize with each another.
Various training and education programs organized by the association help to improve the skills and capabilities of the members’ staff to propel them further in their career.
Joint marketing and promotion programs have also been one of the excellent benefits that members have enjoyed. By sharing and cross-referencing, members get to tap onto each other’s customers with minimal investment.
Other support and assistance exist in the form of business opportunities and study tours and overseas trade mission, as well as sharing of resources and inter-company visits. With the highly creative and dynamic committee behind the MRCA, one can only expect more exciting events and more beneficial programs to be unveiled.

MRCA Academy provides a wide range of retail programmes that caters to the diverse needs of individuals, industries and the professionals. Whichever programme you choose, your learning experience will be of the highest quality based on the Academy’s extensive track records of speakers and trainers’ achievements, track records and success.
MRCA Academy provides its members with the opportunity to capitalize on the collective experience and resources of Malaysia’s dynamic group of retail experts. Various training and education programs organized by the Academy will help to improve the skills and capabilities of the members’ staff to propel them further in their careers.

To be a renowned non-profit professional body for training and development in the Retailing, Franchising and Branding Sectors.

To focus on the total development of members to their full potential by gaining the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, competencies and attributes to be successful in life and work, in order to contribute to the advancement of our nation.

Our Mission is guided by these 8 core values:-
  1. Ethics and Integrity
    We promote and advocate the highest integrity and ethical standards.
  2. Professionalism
    We strive to line up to the highest standards of our professions by having the right attitudes, values and competencies to     achieve the desired results
  3. Respect
    We treat people with dignity and respect.
  4. Continuous Improvement
    We embrace change, creativity and innovation for continual growth.
  5. Learning Environment
    We consistently strive for excellence and to continually learn.
  6. Teamwork
     We are committed to work together with esprit de’ corps and cooperation to achieve common objectives and goals.
  7. Quality
    We value high quality training, coaching, research and practice in the retail industry.
  8. Stewardship
    We honor our heritage by being professionally, socially, finally and environmentally responsible.
  1. To promote the personal and professional development for our people in the Retail and Franchise businesses.
  2. To offer professional knowledge, consultancy and advice to members and the retail industry, whenever necessary.
  3. To provide relevant knowledge and skills through training courses, seminars, workshops, talks, conferences, exhibitions and study tours.
  4. To promote opportunities for networking, collaboration and support within members of our retail industry.
  5. To deliver quality services for all tiers of business within the retail environment.
  6. To ensure currency to the industry retail requirements.
  7. To attuned to the needs and requirements of the retail industry and to deliver support that is progressive and aligned with respect to members’ development plans.
  8. To build and maintain co-operative and helpful relationships with other Organisations that are committed to the advancement of study, research, practice and training in the fields of retailing, franchising and branding.
  9. To be a credible partner to leading training Organisations, business groups, professional bodies and the Government.

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